Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Why the Dock works

In the planning document for Gnome 3.0, Geert Schuring writes
The current generation of desktops really suck hard imho... why on earth does an app need a notification place when it allready has a icon placed in my menu? It would be really simple to use an icon both for starting the app and for notifications. This way my mail client could even tell me that i should start him because there is mail waiting for me.

There you have it. Emphasis mine. UI experts tear their hair out over the Dock, the triple-duty monstrousness of it. But these kinds of interfaces are everywhere. A basic example is a car's tachometer, useful for telling if your car is running - useful in a smooth, modern, insulated luxury car - as well as the engine's speed. Nobody needs or wants an idiot light telling them that Your Car is On.

Not just him, not just me: Tim Bray takes note of the Dock's exasperating perfectly-OKness.


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