Friday, February 04, 2005

Losing control

A highly speculative article on IBM’s new Cell processor, which will be unveiled soon in a series of workstations and, oh, Sony's Playstation 3. I’m not man enough to comment on the world-shaking potential of the Cell (“Steal processor cycles half a world away!”) but a throwaway line in the article has prodded into life one of my pet peeves about the level of writing on the Internet.
[...] We’re in a funny time at the moment, because that settlement hasn’t been reached yet. But it will be, and once it is, the Cell vendors had better start thinking of a more attractive sales pitch than “stops you doing stuff.”

Let’s you do stuff” will be a start.

That’s right, the Cell “let’s” you do stuff. Did no one edit this piece for apostrophe errors? Does the author not know the difference? This sounds like something a witty spouse might say – “Honey, let’s you do the dishes.”

Speaking as an English major, it makes me crazy.

Another example, which I have seen growing in use for several years now, and which my wife, an English professor, has seen as well.
We are in danger of loosing the war on terror.

Loosing? Loosening? Oh, losing. Does no one realize that “loose” and “lose” are wholly different words, as different as “fat” is from “flat”?

Where did this come from?

I feel better now.


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